Douglas HORST
This vacation was probably the BEST we have ever had - 31/08/2017 
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Dear Viviana,

Doug and I just wanted to thank you and your entire organization for a truly wonderful vacation in Peru. I had been a little hesitant before our trip about traveling to Peru, about altitude sickness, and about the safety of the food, water and driving conditions. But after having enjoyed 8 really exceptional days in Peru, we can tell you that this vacation was probably the BEST we have ever had (and we have traveled a lot!) 

It will be difficult to summarize all the wonderful parts of our vacation but we know that most of them were due to two things - the beauty of your country and your people, and the excellent tour and staff that you put together to guide us through Peru. Here are just some of the many reasons that our tour was so wonderful:

- The hotels were EXCELLENT - beautiful, clean, and staffed with kind, helpful, courteous people.

- The tour guides were FABULOUS... almost every one of them were informative, attentive and so very nice... 
Klas, who accompanied us from the Lima airport to the hotel  and back to the airport, - he put us at ease immediately
Erica, our tour guide for Lima - we spent a great day with her.
Olmer, who we spent almost 3 days with in Valle Sagrada and then Cusco, deserves special mention. He was one of the nicest people we have ever met in our travels, he spoke knowledgeably and with pride about his country and his city, and he took excellent care of us. We will always remember him. Please let him know how much we appreciated him!
Hubert, our guide in Machu Picchu, gave us a great tour and was also very nice
ALL of the van drivers. They drove carefully and skillfully and were kind and attentive. We felt SAFE  at all times - the vans were clean and spacious.

- Perhaps the highlight of our trip was the visit to the Andean community of Misminay. We will never forget this experience and the kindness and warmth of these wonderful people.

- Most importantly, YOU. - The itinerary you designed was perfect. We really felt that we got to see as much as we could in 8 days, without feeling rushed. And we believe that none of us felt significant altitude sickness because of the way you designed the tour, allowing us to first acclimate at lower altitude levels.

The communications and documentation that we needed were always on time and accurate. .Stopping by to see us at the hotel was also very nice - it was great to meet you in person. Your patience and flexibility in all our pre-trip communications were very appreciated.  When we first started communicating with PeruTourism, we weren't even 100% sure that we wanted to take that trip. But because of your knowledge, skill and patience, you sold us on Peru - and on your company. We are so happy that we went with you and we will recommend you highly to all our friends at home.

Thank you again for everything. We will definitely consider you for other South American trips - perhaps to Argentina in a couple of years!

Best Regards, 

Palma and Doug Horst

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Viviana31-08-2017 11:33 AM

Dear Palma & Doug, Thanks so much for taking the time to send me your detailed comments about the trip. I really appreciate them. Thanks for mentioning the guides that made your trip even more special, I'll send a report to congratulate them for their excellent job. It was my pleasure to assist you with this family vacation and hope to help you with your next South America's adventure. All the best,
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Peru… un fascinante kaleidoscopio de colores y de sabores, lleno de musica y de vistas impresionates.Nos gusto muchisimo el viaje en su totalidad…cuando uno recapacita después de tantos dias uno dice… ¡Que lindo viaje!!!

Los tours fueron de nuestro agrado y han estado dentro de nuestras expectaciones.

Sus guias bien vestidos, uniformes limpios y facil de reconocer…Los Guías… capitulo aparte… En su gran mayoría han sido un libro abierto relatando la historia.
Los Hoteles…. Cada uno ha sido nuestra casa fuera de casa… 

Hay tantas fotos y tantos recuerdos que me vienen a la memoria en forma desordenada llena de colores y sabores… 


Mirta y Luis Moyano  
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