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Dear Viviana,

I'm fine. Thanks.
Hope you fine too? Greetings to you too.

I will be home (Sydney) by this weekend. Presently in San Francisco.

I'll write to you in more detail later, but for now suffice to say that I had wonderful time in Peru. Everything that you organised for me was very well planned, and was executed to perfection. I was really impressed. Thank you very much Viviana for looking after me so well.

Only stupid thing I did - was trying to be brave in Machu Picchu. I was wearing shorts and went there with no protection from mosquitos despite several warnings. I'm still nursing hundreds of mosquito bites even after nearly two-weeks. But that was wholly my fault and I'm paying for it ?? However if you have any tips to cure them quickly, please let me know. 

And the real highlight was meeting you in person in Lima - you are a beautiful and a wonderful person - both personally and professionally. Pleasure was all mine in meeting you.

You don't even have to ask - if I ever return to South America, you will be my first stop.
Not only that - I'll be recommending you to all my friends and family too.

And if you every visit Australia, make sure you give me a chance to host you.

Thank you for a trip so well organised.

Warm Regards, lots of love and best wishes,
Nikhil Chaplot

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Viviana12-10-2016 10:51 AM

Hello Nikhil, Thanks so much for your kind words, we're happy to see that you enjoyed your birthday trip to Peru! I'm so sorry about the mosquito bites, my recommendation will be to go to a doctor to get some medication because you must be with so much itch. I'd be so nice to have you in Peru again, please let me know and I'd definitely plan something special for you. Best wishes for you too :)
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Peru… un fascinante kaleidoscopio de colores y de sabores, lleno de musica y de vistas impresionates.Nos gusto muchisimo el viaje en su totalidad…cuando uno recapacita después de tantos dias uno dice… ¡Que lindo viaje!!!

Los tours fueron de nuestro agrado y han estado dentro de nuestras expectaciones.

Sus guias bien vestidos, uniformes limpios y facil de reconocer…Los Guías… capitulo aparte… En su gran mayoría han sido un libro abierto relatando la historia.
Los Hoteles…. Cada uno ha sido nuestra casa fuera de casa… 

Hay tantas fotos y tantos recuerdos que me vienen a la memoria en forma desordenada llena de colores y sabores… 


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